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Due to bad weather the meeting on the up coming N.Ireland Pine Marten and Squirrel survey 2015 was called off.

Dave Tosh has send a number of areas in Co.Antrim he would liked covered. If you are interested in taking part let us know. Members of GRSG and non-members the more people who take part the more areas covered the better the results for the over all survey.

If you are wishing to take part send us your details. Name, e-mail address, mobile number.

to:-     and

We will send you a copy of the lists of forestry’s and woodlands Dave is looking covered.

Dave hopes to meet all those willing to take part in the early new year. If you send us your details we will inform all those wanting to take part.

Dave Tosh Explanation of the project:   “We received money from the Challenge Fund to survey the whole of Northern Ireland for pine marten and squirrel using a method we trialled with the Fermanagh Red Squirrel Group earlier this year. Traditional surveys techniques for squirrels (e.g. line transects) take a lot of time and effort and at the end of it you don’t necessarily see anything.  Therefore, I wanted to see if we could make the animals come to us by using feeders and recording what visits them using a camera trap opposite the feeder. We stuck the feeders/cameras at a site for 1 week as a rapid assessment of whether pine marten/squirrels were present in a woodland or not. In the end it worked ok for red squirrels (1 in every 5 sites we detected reds) but even better for pine marten (1 in every 3 sites).  So, we are going to do the same thing but for the whole of Northern Ireland! We have over 60 volunteers signed up so far but we could do with a few from your neck of the woods so please feel free to get in touch.”

see some of the footage we have taken of pine martens in our feed sits on our video page.



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