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We have received two different notifications of Red squirrels in Belfast. Since the demise of the small Red Population in Belvoir Forest Park two years ago it was thought that the Red was totally driven from the big city.
There now may be some merit in seeing if people in local areas in Belfast would be interested in looking after these isolated pockets of Reds.
Red Squirrels have been reported in the Cliftonville Road area of Belfast and also near Rathmore Grammar school on the upper Lisburn Road.
If you have contacts in the city ask them to report REDS and only REDS to us on our HOTLINE 08713157376
or by email on
We are sure there are other areas where the Red still quietly continues to live but always in the shadow of the invasive Grey. This could be your chance to improve the survival of the Red squirrel in our largest city.

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